Research: T-shirts on the market

I wanted to start off the research by looking into what t-shirts were already on the market. Other than typical highstreet designer names, like Primark, and marks and spencer, i knew there was a huge amount of business going on online.
Customisable t-shirts are a big thing on the internet, and you are able to get your own design made on to a t-shirt at a relitivly good price these days. I started looking at some websites such as An English t-shirt printing company, who sells a whole range of slogan and personalised t-shirts. I came to a quick decision that i had recognised there was a trend in the amrket. The prices along all the websites i looked at, were very similar. A t-shirt costing around £15-20 mark seemed a fair price. I also looked at childrens t-shirts of the same style, the price was set around £10-£12.

This research has given me some excellent insight to how much i should be charging for my t-shirt. I want my t-shirts to be very good value for moeny, and since they will not be professionally made, around the £8 price seems to be a fair price in my opinion.

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