Research: Target audience

Target audience is very important for this business. The film, is aimed at mainly 8-30 year olds, as this is the prime age people are likely to be disconcerted with faith and religion. The film in itself is a film about encouragment of faith, and to belive that even t your lowest point, you are able to overcome it, and be risen up again.

The target audience for the t-shirts however, i am lookign to aim at 6-15 year olds, as this would be the prime age for children to wear something. A teen any older than 15 is likely to be put off by the fact that the t-shirt is not branded, and maybe a little differnt to what you would find their friends wearing.

There is a strong possibility of rejection form this age group, if they do not like the idea, it will be easy to shun the idea, because as a young audience, they will be very picking in their choices.


The product is aimed at 6-15 year olds, however the real people who we are selling to are the parents and grandparents. We must realise that for a child to be wearing this product, the parent must also agree with its morals and ideas. So in reality, the product would be aimed at people above 30 years old, as these would be the people who make the executive desiciouns over whether or not they purchase the product for thier child.

I decided to go into some research about the development of christianity aroudn the world, and found that alot of young people are becoming christians, and at a very fast rate ( It is the fastest growing religion on earth, however, athists have grown by over 20% since the last census in the UK, so this group has also got to be taken into consideration.

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